relaxing saturday

i can't remember the last time i actually had a completely relaxing saturday. we've been traveling and i've been sick and things have been crazy since december, well, november actually. so today was a nice change of pace.

albeit we're still traveling - in williamsburg visiting gran (peter's grandma) and much of the rest of his family, but i got to sleep in 'til 10 and we've lazed about talking, eating and reading for most of the day.

it has been wonderful to forget about crossing things off of my to do list and to sleep in past bexley time in the morning. i've finally made it through a few of the many magazines which have piled up on us over the past few months, and gran has stuffed us to the brim with food - namely desserts.

this week shocked my system a bit. i felt like i should have fully recovered from my sickness, but it's hanging on by a thread. even today my cough has reared its ugly head a bit, and the feeling of exhaustion has yet to leave.

as i sat around these past two weeks my goals have rolled around in my head. i've gotten stuck in the "i want to do that, but i'm not sure i should" mode. i've debated about things that i have wanted to do for a while - trying to figure out if i still actually want to do them, or if they are just stuck in the "long-term goals" part of my head.

i feel as though i need to reevaluate my life more than i have over the past couple of years. i seem to push back when peter wants us to look at where we're going, and i'm not quite sure why. i think it may have to do with the fact that i feel like i haven't done enough. haven't accomplished enough, and i don't want to stare my failures in the face.

so, in this year of opportunity the new goal is to set new goals - accomplishable goals. and, more importantly goals that i actually want to accomplish and follow through.

fun stuff...

hoping you had a fabulously
relaxing saturday.


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