procrastination is one of the gifts i've been given. today has been an enjoyable day, and i succeeded in kicking serious booty this morning which has only added to the triumphant feeling i have despite the fact that i've done a whole lot of nothing for about 2 hours.

currently my procrastinatory gene is rearing its head by convincing me that other things are much more important than vacuuming, sweeping and putting away all of our Christmas paraphernalia. things like listening to a new album (thanks to an itunes gift card), checking up on my daily consumption of the blogging world, warming up some cider, reading magazines (which i am very behind on by the way), and generally enjoying life instead of cleaning it.


now i will proceed in telling you all about the things that i did accomplish this morning as a way of stroking my would-be-tanking ego.

this morning i succeeded in waking up with my alarm (although i was lying in bed listening to npr for about 10 additional minutes prior to getting up, but i was NOT sleeping, I assure you). i walked bexley, prepared for the gym, and made it to my spinning class a couple minutes early. i thoroughly enjoyed the class and resolved to make it there (barring anything crazy) every thursday i possibly can.

i proceeded to get ready for my day at the gym and had time to swing by starbucks before heading off to run errands for work - picking up food for our retreat this weekend. afterwards i made my way to lowe's to make copies of our house key and then came home and ate a late-ish lunch.

now i just need to psych myself up to be productive once again and check a few more things off of my list.

i'm pretty stoked for tonight because peter and i are going to head out and possibly pick out my bike - depending on whether or not it snows!! either way it's a no LOSE situation. how often does that happen?

so now i need to concentrate on now. and getting the house in order before i have to pack again tomorrow for our retreat this weekend.

...and on and on it goes...

hope your evening is as lovely as a jaunt through paris.

i'm off to sip some cider
and conquer the vacuum


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