say what you say

i feel like putting a fire in the fireplace and sitting down to watch a movie, curled under blankets with my fingers wrapped around a mugful of hot cider. however, the clock currently reads 1:07 a.m. and seeing as i need to wake up in approximately 6 hours i don't think a movie is the best idea.

i accomplished a good deal today - not quite what i had hoped for, but enough nonetheless. i've started to realize though that i tend to put a bit too much pressure on myself to get a lot of things done, or i laze about and do nothing. it's like in my mind i have days to do things, and days to sit. i would very much like to nip that way of thinking in the bud.

i'm all for taking time to rest, but i just don't think it's necessary to have days of chaos and days of nothingness. i need to balance.

i had an idea to try to achieve this balance, or at least get a bit closer -- when i make my to do lists for my chaotic days i think of a whole bunch of things and write them all down. all of them generally need to get done (or i would really like to get them done if nothing else), but i simply do not have enough time in the day. so, i'm going to start making my lists for two days instead of just one. that way i won't freak out over only crossing half the things off of my list, and i'll trick myself into having ample time to do said things.

i also realized today that if i workout and shower at the gym i save myself a whole bunch of time somehow. i guess i don't get sidetracked with other things there...

anyway, this week holds much promise, i just hope it doesn't kick my butt before we get to the promising parts. tonight we had an 11 o'clock soccer game (hence i'm not tired at 1 a.m.) and peter has training meetings all week, but part of me still hopes we may have time to head out some evening and pick out the bike that he bought me for Christmas (even though he didn't actually buy it yet). yes, my final gift Christmas morning, was the following certificate, redeemable for one bike of my choosing.

in case you can't tell i'm pretty stinkin excited about it.

today was a good day.
i'm hoping for a good week.


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