can you ever just be "whelmed"?

i'm completely overwhelmed right now. today started out as a nice, relaxing, fairly uneventful day. it turned out a little differently.

when peter came home he dropped a bombshell about something that happened at work which led me to get angrier than i've been in a very very long time. unfortunately i cannot yet give details, but as soon as i can, i will...

our soccer game - which i was hoping would help me blow off steam - resulted in a frustrating tie, and caused me slightly more grief. so, when we got home i laced up my new running shoes [which, sidenote, are like running on air] and did my hill workout along with some additional warm up/cool down/blow off steam time. it wasn't very long, but it was just what i needed.

we had a large [delicious] salad for dinner, but given the events of the evening i thought this was in order:

otherwise i'm just not sure i would sleep a wink tonight.

cheers to a better tuesday!


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