i've been drinking coffee for 2.5 hours and yet i can't seem to extract any energy from it. i have 3 things that i need to do today - all of which are important - but for some reason i can't seem to find a place to start.

i find that starting is usually the hardest part for me. once i get going i'm usually fine, but that intimidating first step often paralyzes me.

currently i'm trying to think of something to discuss with my middle schoolers in sunday school this week. they've been talking about death (death is inevitable, and Jesus' death was purposeful), and i wanted to relate back to what they've been talking about without using the curriculum. thus far i have thought of nothing that really seems like it'd work.

most of these kids have heard all the stories a million times, and it's tough to think of a new way to spin it so it makes sense like it hasn't before. plus, death is a tough subject to spin...

outside of sunday school prep i also need to workout, and meet with one of my favorite high school girls for coffee -- maybe that cup will finally get me going.

this weekend is spring cleaning and organizing weekend for us. a few things i already tackled this week. things that i hate doing, but was in "get things done" mode yesterday and knocked out a few of them. things like cleaning out the microwave, and putting a magic eraser to the marks on the walls...

it probably helped that we had another couple over for dinner last night, and i needed to generally clean up before they came anyway.

we had a good night. i made dinner and kristen made dessert, and we sat around talking until peter kicked them out b/c he needed to get to sleep.

tomorrow we're going to clean out and organize our shed and mini storage space. we have no attic or basement so for the past 9 months or so the vast majority of the stuff in storage has been sprawled out across the floor and shelves of our shed - in no order whatsoever. so, tomorrow we're planning on pulling it all out, getting rid of a bunch of it, and organizing the rest.

we're going to finish off the evening by having a few of peter's friends from high school over for dinner. speaking of which i also need to make dessert for that...i guess i have 4 things to do today...

i'm off to conquer death.

happy friday!


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