spinning in circles

this week has been a blur. i've tried to accomplish more than what i have time for, and i'm back to staying up and getting up too late. i've not yet decided whether or not i'm simply going to resign myself to a 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. sleeping schedule, or if i'm going to try harder to fight it. the most frustrating part is that even though i've gotten enough sleep every night i've been exhausted this entire week. like, i had to brew extra coffee this morning because my huge mug yesterday morning did not succeed in preventing me from yawning through the afternoon.

i've accomplished quite a bit this week actually, but this morning i've hit a rut, and i'm spinning my wheels. i'm debating about what to do today...there are quite a few things i SHOULD do, and quite a few things i WANT to do, and i'm certain i won't have time for all of them.

yesterday i finished upton sinclair's "the jungle". the historical context of the book, and most of the plot was interesting, eye-opening, and somewhat (necessarily) disgusting. however, the last 20 pages or so were pure torture. if you ever decide to read it don't read the last chapter. the majority of the book interested me because it explores "packingtown" the stockyards outside chicago around the turn of the (20th) century which housed all of the meat packing plants, and all the working men and women who worked there - most of whom were immigrants. this book (so i'm told) was responsible for a government investigation into the horrors of the working environment, and spurred changes in the labor laws.

now i'm debating about which book to tackle next. i have quite a large list, and all of the ones i'm considering already have a home on my shelf...

anyway, i'm off

to clean the entire house.

fun stuff, huh?

hope your day
holds a bit more fun
than mine!


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