truth be told

let me tell you what i really think
about you
you and your smug attitude
you and your creepy "pretend to be friendly" grin
let me tell you that the only word
that can possibly describe you
is a decidedly nasty one
let me be up front with you
i don't want to string you along
as you've been wont to do
let me tell you what it means
to treat people
it's something called respect
aretha franklin had a lovely tune about it
maybe you should have a listen
because i'm sure you forgot
the concept entirely
there are so many things i wish on you right now
and not one of them is nice or kind
so i won't say them
but you can use your imagination
don't you worry though
your day will come
and i will smile to myself
a nice smug smile
because i didn't have to take you out
you did that to yourself
and as you try to find someone
to commiserate with
you will find there is no one left
because you alienate everyone
who could ever help you
stop trying to be some sort of
micro managing hero
open your eyes
and realize
you're nothing but the villain
the one who gets it in the end
and when you get it
it will cause everyone
to take a collective
sigh of relief
because you
and your shoddy no good ways
are completely gone
for good
and for THE good
of everyone near you

so, take what's coming to you,
you arrogant NOT NICE WORD.


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