work, life, work, life...

it feels like this week has been a blur, and i've accomplished essentially nothing. i hate weeks like this. granted i've done many things i enjoy, but at the end of the day my to-do list looms large with its unchecked boxes.

i have trouble sleeping regardless of how tired i feel, and therefore also have trouble pulling myself out of bed each morning.

this week has brought many ups and downs, and many frustrations which i'm trying to let go of, but they cling desperately to me.

peter and i have had some good evenings of just hanging out together and enjoying each other's company, and some good meals from the jamie oliver cookbook i told you about previously.

i started marathon training this week, but unfortunately missed one of my runs due to the fact that i felt awful all day yesterday. on soccer game days i have two workouts now though, so i don't feel too terrible about it.

thus far training hasn't been too bad - my 6 mile run today was a little tougher than expected because it was quite warm, and i haven't done much more than four miles for a few months. but, i made it, and my time was pretty close to where i want to be so i can't really complain.

i also completed a mini project today. lately i expanded my inspiration wall, and made it quite large - it almost takes up an entire wall now. therefore my picture collage on another wall of our office made the walls seem much too cluttered. so, i decided to order a print i've been in love with for months, and frame and hang it where my pictures were. it has only been up for a few hours, but thus far, i really like the result.

this is the print {courtesy of jenniferramos' shop on etsy}:

i bought a frame at michael's and imperfectly spray-painted it a lovely green apple color. so. perfect.

tomorrow kelly and i are heading down to the farmer's market. those saturday mornings are always some of my favorites. we meet up fairly early in the morning with coffee in hand, and drive the relatively short distance to the open air market. normally we stop by the bakery area and grab a scone or a croissant and then wander up and down the rows buying various kinds of mouthwatering produce.

off now to watch mr. oliver's show, and hopefully talk peter into playing some scrabble!

happy weekend


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