the food revolution

lately i've been all about food and cooking (and baking...). this is partially because i've been fortunate enough to stumble across some really good recipes lately, partially because i've started reading a book by barbara kingsolver called animal, vegetable, miracle, and partially because i've quickly become addicted to "jamie oliver's food revolution" - the new show on abc.

if you haven't seen the aforementioned show i highly recommend it. it's on hulu too, and it's very interesting. so interesting that i even went out and purchased jamie's cookbook by the same name last week, and i've picked out a few recipes to try for dinner this week. (i'll let you know how they turn out!)

i also really want to try making marshmallows, and possibly a few other confectionary goodies. i found a very promising marshmallow recipe a few months ago, but hadn't had the courage to try my hand at them then. i bought the ingredients last week though, so we shall see what the week has in store.

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i've also decided that i'm going to take a trip to the farmer's market on saturday. i love the farmer's market. the people are great, the food is fantastic, the prices are more than reasonable, and buying locally does a world of good.

here's to the food revolution!


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