did you ever read those "choose your own adventure" books? i know i read a few, but i only really remember one. the funny thing about that one though is that i didn't really love any of the adventures. i'd go back and choose a different one over and over until i went through every permutation possible. and i still finished it with a "take it or leave it" kind of attitude.

doesn't life sound better if you think of it as an adventure though? life itself is a great big choose your own adventure book. every once in a while you come to a big crossroads and you have to make a big decision. which adventure will you choose? which way will you go? and there is no real way to know what each decision really means.

some people seem to have an easier time with those decisions than others though. personally, i regurgitate all of my thoughts onto peter when i'm trying to make a decision, and i hope he can help me make sense of it. for the past 8 years or so he's been doing pretty well...

do you think of yourself as adventurous? or your life as adventurous?

i don't really think of myself as adventurous, but more as a calculated risk taker who likes adventures. in my mind the two are far more different than they seem initially.

my biggest adventure lately has been this whole coaching thing. kelly and i are still getting our sea legs, but despite the mini ups and downs of the first couple weeks i think it's going pretty well. it's been challenging so far, and i have no doubt that i'll get more of the same over the next few months.

in a way, the taste of adventure is making me want more. i know i need to rest since everything else is so crazy, but i want to do more. i like routine, and i'm getting into one now, so i should probably just enjoy it for a while.

but i want more.

i don't want to use my weekends simply as a time to catch up with laundry and cleaning. i want to truly enjoy them. i want to spend good time with my husband going to new places, and trying new things. new recipes, new restaurants, new running paths, new movies, new museums, new...?

i'm ready for some adventure. i'm sick of simply sitting and taking what's coming. i don't know what's next, but i know i want to make it happen.

in other news we may have a southern kind of adventure tomorrow by way of an inch or so of snow. we'll see what actually happens, but if we see any snow it won't surprise me in the least if they cancel school, and therefore, practice. yes, for 1 inch of snow. it's entirely possible in the land of no salt trucks...

i guess that means i'll have to take a walk outside and come home to a steaming hot mocha. unlike the rest of the country [so it seems] i'm not quite ready for winter to be over. i like boots and tights and layering far too much for that!


what kind of adventure
does tomorrow hold for you?


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