snippets of life


  • avett brothers: i and love and you
  • giant mug of coffee
  • a handmade card for my peter for v-day
  • missing brooklyn
  • wishing for an audrey hepburn marathon movie day
  • funny face, anyone?
  • soccer tryouts start today
  • bexley still needs a walk 

  • i'm not quite ready for spring
  • summer lasts for too long here
  • in less than a month my niece turns 5
  • i miss them
  • sometimes change is good
  • sometimes it sucks
  • and sometimes it doesn't come when you wish it would
  • i should've eaten more than a banana for breakfast
  • what should we have for dinner this week?
  • why is our healthcare system so screwed up?
  • hoping for some silver lining

hope your day
is full of love
and sweets


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