...and a pitcher of root beer

last night peter and i went to one of my two favorite pizza places in charlotte. although before last night i don't think i realized that they had root beer.

as i sat there with peter, sipping on my root beer and waiting for our pizza the root beer taste took me back to many a friday evening at pizza roma.

my brother, my dad, and i had this tradition of going out to dinner on most friday nights. when we went to pizza roma, which was quite often, we always ordered the same way. we wouldn't even look at the menus brought to our table - sometimes we even told the hostess not to bring them. as soon as our server came to the table i would order for us -- a large pepperoni pizza, 3 house salads all with no onion, 1 without cheese or croutons, 2 with creamy italian, and 1 with ranch. and a pitcher of root beer.

we would jockey for seats because there was only one tv in the whole restaurant, and more often than not there was some kind of game on that we wanted to watch. we also had a long-standing joke about "duncan" who worked there. "duncan" was one of the pizza makers, and while i have no idea what his real name was he looked [to me, anyway] like duncan from last of the mohicans. so, at some point during the night one of us would usually wonder aloud if "duncan" was making our pizza that night.

we spent many a friday in that place.

and every time i have
barq's root beer,
it takes me back.


  1. I got a little behind on reading blogs...

    So while I'm not much on root beer (but I enjoyed your walk down memory lane), I LOVE Audrey Hepburn and Funny Face is one of my favorites (My Fair Lady is a close runner up!).... Would love to have watch that Audrey Hepburn Marathon with you!


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