chocolate & peanut butter

i have decided that chocolate and peanut butter make-up the absolute best combination ever. EVER.

i'm well aware that this is not a new revelation, but even still i had to share it. i only have three desserts in my house consistently [never all of them at the same time...] and two of the three are different combinations of peanut butter and chocolate.

the first of these [and my favorite lately] is peanut butter oreos. a lot of people think they sound gross - for reasons beyond my understanding - but they're so good. addicting really.


the second is a regular homage to grammy. with a little twist. grammy used to eat a few mini reese's cups after every meal. usually it was just 2 or 3, but every once in a while she'd give you a wink and ask you to bring 4. after her funeral we fed her dog the last reese's cups she'd probably ever get - as a tribute to grammy.


in our house the reese's cups stay in a candy dish between the kitchen and the dining room, and every once in a while i supplement my lunch or dinner with a couple of them.

then there's peanut butter pie, and peanut butter cookies with the hershey's kiss on top. there's a fabulous peanut butter and oreo frozen whipped dessert. 

the list goes on and on...

life has been more than a little crazy lately, and thinking about these fabulous little sweets [and you know, eating a few of them] is just a little reminder that there is something sweet in the world.

even amidst the crazy


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