rushing on by

well wednesday is winding down, and i'm about to pour myself a glass of wine. right now life can be chalked up to organized chaos. i hurry from one job to the next, back to the other, to a quick sandwich dinner with my hubby.

yes, i am drinking my wine out of a Pittsburgh martini glass.
tonight, it simply tastes better that way.

today is not, and will not be a normal day -- just a wednesday for the next few months.
coaching season is upon us.

i'm still excited despite the crazy, it's just going to take some getting used to. new schedules and routines tend to be that way, i guess.

now i have practices to plan and run, but i get to use gifts that i have (or at least i think and hope i have...), and i'm challenged in new ways, every. single. day.

i can't believe that my road trip up to the snowy north [what's with 60 degree weather in february anyway?] was just a few short days ago. i've gotten so exhausted between then and now it feels like so much longer.

i did have an absolutely fantastic time though. of course. how could you go wrong with these girls?

and seeing dustin & holly was great as well. my only negative from the whole weekend was not getting to spend more time hanging out with all of them. it's hard to walk away from friends and not know when you'll see them again. 

arriving home after a trip like that doesn't really feel as good as it should. it's like christmas morning for me. it was such a fun-filled weekend chock full of goodness and fabulous people and then i had to come back to the real world. a world that isn't always fun or exciting [let alone both...]. and yet, here it is -- my small little life.

my life full of work and soccer practices, making meals and trying to find time to enjoy them, full of little days, ups and downs, breath, people.

my struggle over the next few months will be in NOT getting caught up in it all. in aiming to still think critically and be discerning in all aspects of my life. in not letting what's happening in my circumstances dictate who i am. i still have to make choices. i still have to decide. i still have to pay attention. even if life whizzes by, i have to protect time with my husband, time to reflect, to read, to think. i have to be intentional about it all. and hopefully sleep a little bit too.

here's to living 
with purpose



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