no magic formula

have you ever just wanted to walk away? wash your hands of whatever it is, and move on? that person who rubs you the wrong way every. single. time. that situation that is beyond hope. the system that's broken. starting over when you have to start miles behind the start line because there's so much crap to wade through that a fresh start simply doesn't exist.

they come in all shapes and sizes.

friday night peter and i watched "waiting for superman" the documentary film about the failing education system in our country. while i know that everyone has a bias, the film was still eye-opening, especially for someone who doesn't have kids. from where i'm sitting i can see that the system in charlotte is more than a little broken, but i have to say it's disheartening to think about it being that messed up everywhere.

this weekend was not terribly awesome if i'm going to be really honest... there were pieces of it that were good, some that were very good, and others i very well could have done without. walking away and taking a break occurred to me many many times throughout the past two days. had the situation been slightly different i probably would have taken an unexpected road trip - hopped in the car and driven north. it wouldn't have fixed any of the problems, but it may have provided some release from the tension. who knows? i didn't go.

i spent my morning this morning sleeping in, and reading. i was up late last night watching the fast-forwarded, dvr'd version of the academy awards. unfortunately, the dvr cut off before they announced the winner for best picture, and i missed the performance of the ps22 chorus. i quickly found out which film won best picture, but didn't get to see the chorus video until today. this isn't the best quality, but it still captures the moment:

anyway, i was about to head to bed when i remembered that i needed to switch out the laundry. i opened the dryer only to find that someone [i'm not naming any names...] apparently left a pen in his jeans pocket, which proceeded to explode all over everything in the dryer. so not only could i not dry the clothes in the washing machine, i also discovered an unexpected new trend [which i won't be wearing] called ink-stained everything.

this weekend i re-learned what i already knew -- there is no magic formula for life. there's nothing that will make everything okay, nothing that will fix the world in your favor. while i do believe that there is a reason for everything, it's unbelievably hard to hold strongly to that belief in the midst of certain struggles. in the midst of things that sucker punch you out of nowhere.

we never know what's coming next. sometimes a day is just a day. you wake up, follow your routine, you go to sleep. and sometimes a day is boiled down to one life-altering moment that changes everything.

where were you 
when everything was falling apart?
{the fray}


  1. We live north. And anytime you want an unexpected road trip, there's a certain pink and green room that can be made readily available! And a certain almost 5 year old that would gladly give it up!


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