happy easter

well tomorrow we are off to visit my family. peter staked out thanksgiving a mere day after we got engaged, and so i claimed easter. one for one. [like toms! they have the cutest new wedges, btw...]

unfortunately we won't get to stay in the 'burgh for very long given our other responsibilities -- being an adult kind of sucks like that sometimes... -- but it will be a couple days nonetheless, which is far better than nothing.

i have to say i think the person i most want to see is the littlest of all of my family. my newest, less than a month old nephew, whom we haven't met yet. i'm going to hold him every second i possibly can, and kiss his little chubber cheeks!

whatever corner of the world you're celebrating in, i hope you have a fabulous and restful easter!

{via www.ifood.tv/blog/history-of-easter-eggs}

{via www.gatewaylive.org}

he IS risen!


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