yesterday was peter's birthday. and as i sat thinking about it, i realized that it was the ninth time we've celebrated his birthday together.

this is from a few years ago on peter's 25th birthday.

i was with him when he exited the teenage years and entered a new decade,
when it became legal for him to drink and i surprised him with getting to see his family.
when he was a month away from college graduation,
and when we were engaged and i had only been in charlotte for a couple of weeks.
we celebrated his first birthday after we were married, when he hit a quarter century,
when we were searching for our first house, our first year in our first house,
and now, his first year as the vice-president of a company.

it's pretty crazy what can happen between 19 and 28...

i think of all the gifts peter could possibly get or have gotten, my brother and sister-in-law gave him the best present, albeit a day early.

wednesday our newest nephew came into the world!
sadly we have to wait 3 more weeks before we get to see him, but the countdown has started.

yep, it has been quite the week here. and i'm confident that i'll love both of this week's birthday boys from now until forever.

happy, happy birthday!


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