i never remember to take pictures. it's a constant source of frustration for me [but obviously not constant enough for me to actually take pictures.]

for instance, last night we had grilled vegetable tostadas for dinner. i grilled up portobello mushrooms, zucchini squash, and green onions, crisped our tortillas, made pico de gallo salsa, and had feta for crumbling. they were absolutely divine. [of course peter disagreed wholeheartedly, albeit he doesn't particularly like onions, mushrooms, or zucchini. or salsa for that matter...]

in any case i thought they were stupendous, and thinking back i could have taken pictures of all of the different stages of goodness, and shared them with you today. unfortunately, all i have is a picture, courtesy of amazon, of the cookbook which holds this particular recipe. [sorry, you cannot actually look inside unless you click through to amazon.]

via amazon.com

i love this cookbook - especially the spring and summer recipes. there's an asparagus and gruyère tart, and a spring risotto with peas and zucchini which are both absolutely fabulous. and the cobb salad "recipe" i make all the time is based off of the turkey cobb salad recipe in this book.

anyway, last night's dinner started the weekend off on the right foot for me, even if it's not actually the weekend yet.

this weekend holds so much [hopefully relaxed] goodness i can hardly stand it. the team kelly and i coach has a game tonight, and then tomorrow i plan to make it down to the farmers' market in the morning, go for a run, and then make red velvet cupcakes in the afternoon. [who cares that my house is a mess? it's much more fun to make a bigger mess in the kitchen. *wink*

hopefully martha stewart will come to the rescue again for the cupcakes.

again, courtesy of amazon.com
i have a couple different recipes for red velvet cake/cupcakes, but i've decided to give ms. stewart's a go first. we'll see what happens! i find it hard to believe that they'll hold a candle to the most amazing cupcakes i've ever made [the coco loco ones i told you about HERE] but you never know until you try.

maybe i'll actually remember to take pictures this time...

happy weekending to you!


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