thoughts for a day

*mornings and i are not friends
*i always have grand illusions of what i could accomplish in a day
*and then i sleep, and i slumber
*and i fail to wake up at a reasonable time
*today i'm thinking about the future
*thinking about what's next
*because right now is too hard
*right now there's too much

*i'm ready to go back to brooklyn
*i'd even stay longer this time
*i'd go for runs in the park
*eat an unbelievable amount of delicious food
*do some work
*ride the subway to and fro

*i'd visit churches, restaurants,
*and not get into a car until i leave for the airport
*but today, i'm here, not there. 
*i have months before that trip...
*today life is a little hard to take
*i decided to relieve some of the tension
*with a nice run
*time to think
*now it's time to snuggle up with
*a ministry book and a huge mug of coffee
*[key word: huge]
*i never made it to the grocery store this week
*i've been planning to go since monday
*and my schedule has vetoed it every time

*here's hoping your week
is better than mine!


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