day 3: lipstick and ponytails


well i've now been sick for 3 straight days. unfortunately, today was worse than yesterday. yesterday i thought i was getting better, but not so much today.

so the high points of the day are as follows:

1. my hairdresser was kind enough to reschedule me from today to tomorrow so i don't turn into mullet girl while she's on vacation.
2. i drank my 10th can of ginger ale in 3 days
3. i found out that i can pull my hair back into the teeny-tiniest of ponytails.
4. i decided to finish watching the america's next top model marathon that i dvr'd yesterday
5. watching all those glamorous girls made me decide to put on lipstick. because you know, it doesn't matter that i'm only seeing my husband today, and the rest of me looks like a big load of poo. my lips look cranberry crush fine.
6. i finished reading my may marie claire ALREADY.
7. i'm preparing for a dinner of chicken noodle soup, crackers, and gatorade.

i'm really really hoping that tomorrow will be better.

better late than never, right?


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