crazy day today.
simply crazy.

weird weather. no time to sit down and relax. 


i'm trying to relax tonight. do something(s) i really want to do. be creative.
let my juices flow.

but   i'm tired. exh a u s  t  e  d  even.

overall it was a good day and a good weekend. but i feel the need to be creative and kind of pour out my soul because i've been too busy to really do so the past couple of days. 

i'm kind of considering a late night of wine, cheese, decaf coffee, leftover chinese, writing, painting, drawing (w. help from my new book from peter's mom), and reading decor mags; paired with listening to a variety of music and lit candles with scents which reach to my very depths.

the grey cloud cover of the day is slowly moving off, but the humidity remains. currently i'm sitting in my dimly lit office slowly sipping my perrier which i began hours ago. i'm not trying to wash away the day, i'm simply trying to find enough in me to enjoy the rest of it.

some days i want to be so much more than what i am. some days i wonder how i can have done so little with all i've been given. some days i am shocked by my blessings, and some days i ignore 
one of them.

as much as a part of me wants to write so much more i don't know what to say. i'm off to try to enjoy my unwelcome solace thanks to peter's weekend trip to st. louis.

...out of words


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