Our House

This morning Peter and I bought a house. I'm going to repeat that for you. This morning Peter and I bought a house.

Since I don't want to infringe on any copyright laws or anything and take pictures off of the listing site you can see some pictures of it here.

It's definitely going to take some painting and a few small projects to get it how we want it, but we are absolutely thrilled that it worked out. The floor plan is great, there are tons of windows, the neighborhood is one of our two favorites in this area, and the yard is fenced in already, although we will have to fix a few areas of said fence. The biggest negative is that it doesn't have a garage, but we can't really complain.

Much to Peter's chagrin I'm already thinking about paint colors and additional decorations, but I've also been warned that we're not going to plan on actually doing the decor part until everything else is taken care of and we've lived there for a few months. 

Since we'll definitely need to paint the cabinets or replace the countertop I've kind of been thinking about painting the cabinets a bright-ish color like the kitchen from my favorite tv show:

I kind of doubt Peter will go for it, but we'll see. I definitely want some color, but I'm sure we'll debate how bright that color is. 

One other big idea I have is for the doors to what will be the office. Right now there are double doors w. multiple windows and I really want to take a bunch of fabric from Ikea and cover up the windows. Possibly something like this (off of Ikea's website):
There are a lot of things that will eventually happen. I decided (and talked with Peter about my thoughts) that if we moved into a house and couldn't change everything we wanted to change right away we would definitely need to have deadlines for the projects we want to complete. That way I won't freak out and think they'll never be completed. The next month or two will involve a lot of "holding off" from buying things that I want to buy for the new house, but I'm very excited nonetheless.

insert cheesy smile


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