the price of vision

i'm way behind when it comes to my magazine reading. i tend to get through the fashion mags pretty close to on time because many of them don't have lengthy articles with a lot of depth. not all of them to be sure -- vogue and marie claire in particular talk about some serious stuff. anyway, that said, i have yet to read completely through my last few issues of relevant.

they are so chock full of good stuff that i like to have a solid chunk of time to read them, and time has not been abundant lately.

all that to say that last week i was cracking open the november/december issue [i told you i'm way behind...] and was struck by "first word" -- cameron strang's editor's letter. he entitled it "the price of vision" and discussed how long it took, and how much effort it took to start relevant. at one point he writes the following: "if something comes easily and without sacrifice, it's rarely significant."

we live in an instant gratification society, and it's easy to stop before you even get started with something because it's "hard." but anything worth doing is hard. and if we're called to it by the God of the universe we need to push through the hard.

just like the rest of our walk with God -- it IS worth it. even if it's hard right now. one day we will be face to face with the God who created each one of us; the God who placed the stars in the sky, and set the planets in motion.

i'm so thankful for the overflowing grace that would allow me to stand in his presence one day.
so thankful for the overflowing grace and mercy that allow me to be part of his purpose and plan here and now.

we have to put in the work to get the result.

cameron ends his letter this way: "God has a purpose for each of our lives. choose to make a difference with yours. if your dream is truly God-given, it will happen. just don't go looking for a cheat sheet."

notice he didn't say it will happen in a day, a week, a month, or even a year. it took him 8 years to get relevant off the ground. and if we're called to something we have to keep relying on God, and keep pressing on and pushing through. even when it's hard. even when it sucks. even when we're walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

God is sovereign. he is in control.
if you doubt it just pick up matthew 10:29-31.
you are worth more than many sparrows.

follow hard after what he has called you to do. 
and don't look back.


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