rainy sunday

how has your weekend been? in the rarest of occurrences friday actually feels like it was quite a long time ago. it's not because we actually did all that much this weekend, but i feel like i got some good rest for once. and i'm quite a big fan of that!

here's a quick summary of my sunday, in no particular order...

*cupcakes and milk, oh my word these may be the best cupcakes ever.
*seriously, best ever. EVER.
*there is coconut milk in the batter which makes them dense and scrumptious.
*i may eat another one right now.
*wow it got late quickly. how is it already 4pm?
*we had a fabulous rainy day
*it included omelets for lunch
*bacon, tomato, pepper, green onion, and gorgonzola omelets to be exact...
*a fire in the fireplace
*soccer on tv
*followed by multiple episodes of "how i met your mother"
*taking a peek at the newest toms of the spring.
*wishing and hoping for my new ring to come soon

*gorgeous, right?
*laura was kind enough to make a custom one for me!
*crossing my fingers that it gets here tomorrow...
*how much do i love etsy?? 
*[i don't think i even need to answer that.]
*soon we'll be off to youth group
*but not before I look online for some birthday gifts for my favorite [almost 5 year old] little girl!!
*i think i may make baking my new hobby.
*i do enjoy cooking, but cupcakes every saturday - 
*how fun would that be?

how is your sunday
treating you?


  1. Even more reason to move back, I HATE baking and you love it. We'd make a good team!


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