turquoise & plum [and other randomness]

my ring came today! i know, i know - you were all on the edge of your individual seats all week too. it turned out fabulously. and after i took it out of its packaging and placed it on my finger i decided to give my nails a little pick-me-up by way of some plum polish.

i love this color combo

i'm so amazed by artists. they are the inspirers of so many things, and yet their inspiration has to come from somewhere too. i love watching and hearing about the artistic process, which is one of the reasons i enjoy reading blogs so much. blogs are all about perspective, and many that i follow are written by various types of artists and artisans. reading the musings of each one gives me a unique perspective on her work.

what is true of people is also true of art work in that, when you know the story behind something, or someone, you see it/them differently. when you know someone really well you can read between the lines. knowing what inspired the work, or evoked certain emotions lets you interpret the finished product in a different way.

the funny thing is, art has to stand on its own. if you want people to interpret the finished product in a certain way you [as the artist/author/etc.] have to provide enough context for the recipient to get there on his/her own.

i digress.

perspectives and cultures are so interesting to me. there are so many subcultures surrounding each one of us, and every single person we talk to has a different perspective from our own - even if it's slight. and yet we all live together - in and amongst each other.

i heard a brief commentary this morning on npr, which mentioned - though it wasn't about this entirely - that our congress doesn't really work together. by and large they [no matter who they are] don't have friends in the other party, and are not really willing to work with anyone from the other party. it's sad though because we all need to be around people with different perspectives. we need to hear people out. maybe we'll still come to the same conclusion that we would have otherwise, but then again, maybe not.

what happened to that good old wisdom from our parents: don't judge a book by its cover -- which to me means not only don't judge a person by what you see, but also don't judge a person by his/her label(s). and: if you can't say something nice, don't say it at all.

what happened to giving people a chance?

there are far too many
misunderstandings in this world.
why create more by not trying
to see beyond them?


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