brooklyn, brooklyn take me in

how much do i love brooklyn? what a fabulous trip we had. the only thing that would have made it better would have been a few extra days for peter and me to explore it on our own.

this post is largely images, with a video to give you a little background music as you peek through them. there are so many photos [even after narrowing and narrowing] that i recommend you "jump" through and look at all of them together. 

every time i visit brooklyn feels more and more like a place i'd want to live.
maybe one day...

our trip started out a little rough as usair let us down in a big way by canceling our flight. instead of leaving saturday afternoon, we left sunday morning at 8. i had to wake up at 3:30 sunday morning in order to get myself and the girls ready to leave and meet the guys by 4:45. it's a good thing that our rough start turned into a great trip anyway!

some of our group picking our suitcases back up in charlotte
without having gone anywhere at all...

finally in brooklyn!
a piece of the park slope neighborhood
[see the rest after the jump.]

walking through park slope to prospect park

LOVE the architecture

walking through prospect park

staten island ferry

wall street

anthony's pizza

white pizza and a stella. DEEE-LISH

walking the brooklyn bridge

sunset from the bridge

in little italy - an authentic italian leaning out his window

little italy

greenwich village

cupcakes at magnolia bakery

magnolia bakery

view from high line park

high line park

rainbow after a 10 minute storm blew through

park next to the shake shack with live jazz
[and a giant head statue, natch]

the cyclone on coney island

the original

brooklyn cyclones game on coney island

st patrick's cathedral on fifth ave

coffee and tiramisu at tony's

while in brooklyn our group not only saw a lot, and had a lot of fun. we also worked with the fifth avenue committee, and we got our hands on eight different apartment buildings. we finished painting 3 or 4 completely, and started the process on the rest. [to find out more about fifth avenue committee check out their website, here.] 

there is so much more i could tell you, but for now suffice it to say - 

i can't wait to go back.


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