pretty little things

today marks the very first time that i got to use a really nice camera. the camera is not mine, although after one day using it i understand the desire for one.

earlier today i got to thinking about all the pretty little things in my world, and tonight i tried to document a few of them for you. toward the beginning of my "walk around the house photo shoot" i transitioned from auto focus to manual. i know this is coming from the biggest amateur there ever was, but the pictures were so much better after the transition. [and they are not very good, so that tells you something...]

here are my favorites from the 50+ photos i took this evening:

naturally i started with shoes

fabulous shoes i might add


the bracelet i made today

with a little help from barb at knack

love this open ring

embellished headband

colorful office supplies


favorite lamp

our gate at dusk


mosquito repeller plant

bexley, again.

working on the focus

dining room

i hope you enjoy all the pretty little things in your life too!

'night dears!


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