this friday morning

this friday morning i managed to wake up much earlier than i have been. prior to our trip to brooklyn i was on a pretty good schedule of going to bed and waking up at responsible adult hours. after said trip pure exhaustion took over, and begged me morning after morning to sleep in past my alarm clock.

i have so much to do today i can hardly even remember it all to write it down in a list. this probably means it won't all get done, but one can hope.

today i will be doing a lot of cleaning up, and a lot of cooking and baking. [which also implies a lot of music listening, and potentially movie watching...]

martha stewart's earl grey tea cookies

raspberry almond financiers

pistachio orange biscotti

cucumber mint tea sandwiches

chicken curry tea sandwiches

egg salad tea sandwiches

all of the above will be made at some point over the course of the day, as well as a quick, light dinner of shiitake rice for peter and me before he makes himself scarce for the girls night.

an assortment of teacups

and plates

i will wash and ready all of the teacups and plates. and make the tea and coffee, of course.
then, i will don a fun little frock appropriate for tea. and maybe a fedora - because what tea is complete without some kind of hat??

we shall see. 

i hope your day promises 
as much fun and sugar as mine!


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