dear blogger,

i am so sorry for neglecting you over the past couple of weeks. peter and i have been so busy visiting with family, and taking impromptu trips that you have fallen down the list of priorities.

if it's any consolation i have a lot to share with you! sadly, my tendency to take fewer pictures than i should while visiting with people has me kicking myself once more. nonetheless, i'll do my best to give you an adequate run-down of everything that has happened recently.

so let's see, i told you in my last post about my brother and his family visiting us. our trips to the pool were great - the water was warm, and with the exception of zach getting a big scrape on his toe the kids were all smiles.

peter and i enjoyed playing games in the evening with matt and sarah - namely these two games, which are two of our favorites to play together.

we relaxed for a bit after matt's fam headed to the beach on saturday, and per an invitation from sarah's fam we went down to join them for a day on sunday.


sadly, i didn't get pictures of us at the beach. we were simply too preoccupied with playing in the waves with ally and zach.

sunday night we enjoyed a fantastic meal thanks to sarah's brother and sis-in-law, a couple of walks on the beach, games, and good conversation. i got to hold my youngest nephew, brady, so much that after we got back yesterday it seemed very strange to not have a little chubber in my arms throughout the entire evening.

we headed home monday morning, and planned a good chunk of our boston trip, which we're taking for our 5th anniversary in september. we wrapped up our evening with a ravioli dinner and bits and pieces of the rocky series on tv - interspersed with some fireworks. [crazy july 4th, i know!]

can you tell i want to go back to the beach??

gotta love those tan lines!

during our drives to and from charleston peter and i also had some big discussions about life. me taking time off from working to get my ducks in a row and start a business means that we have to cut back on many of our expenses - which is perhaps my least favorite thing ever. EVER.

but right now it's necessary. and i suppose it's never a bad thing to know you could get by with less, right?

anyway, today i tied up a lot of loose ends, and started to make some headway on moving life forward. i'm slowly starting to find a rhythm.

today i spent my morning working out - with a run and a yoga class at the gym. my reward for getting in both workouts was this:

a giant mug of coffee, and a lemon square

after taking care of a few necessities i spent most of the afternoon with my nose in a book. i finished crush it! by gary vaynerchuk, and cracked open craft inc. by meg mateo ilasco.

both of these books came as recommendations from barb, and crush it! did not disappoint. [based on the first few pages, craft inc. won't either.] thanks barb!

crush it! gave me a lot to think about, and more to do. the more i talk to others about this whole business idea the more i'm encouraged by what they have to say. 

who knows what will happen? who knows when it will all come together to even launch? 
all i know is that i'm going to give it a shot, and let the chips fall where they may.

hope you enjoyed your 
independence day weekend!


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