bexley and i have been lonely this week. peter has been in houston for a certification class, and i've been going crazy. i absolutely hate it when he's gone. partially because he's just not here, and i miss him and partially because i can't sleep when he's away. every night has been a late night, and every morning a rough morning. my head has been swimming with exhaustion, and yet at night, i get some sort of combination of second wind, and a little bit of paranoia and no longer feel like sleeping. thankfully it's only 1 more night.

despite being overwhelmed and a little bit lonely this week i have also found myself feeling grateful. grateful for my husband. grateful for all the times he is here. even grateful for the nights when he makes me feel guilty for being a night owl and not going to bed at the same time he does. i get a lot more sleep that way than i would otherwise!

life has been weird lately. some days it feels almost as if i'm having an out of body experience. i'm just not a part of what i'm doing.

i don't like those days.

but then there are the days when the birds chirp and the sun shines (and it only goes up to 70 degrees) and everything seems right in the world. "where troubles melt like lemon drops away above the chim-i-ney tops" - those kinds of days are days i love to live. because those are the days when it seems
i'm truly, actually, living.

this week has been a whirlwind. and yet i'm thankful for it. there were (and are) some good nuggets wrapped up in it. and for that i'm exceedingly appreciative. i'm so thankful for the silver lining. for the redemption.

good night!


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