the slower side of life

it's still monday for me right now. i haven't made it to bed yet, but i'm exhausted. i had a very important mission of muffin-making tonight, so bed was pushed back a bit.

life has been crazy lately, but i feel like it's starting to slow down in some small way. i guess it's just that the things i have planned are low-key things instead of make your head spin all the time-key things.

i can't even begin to explain how grateful i am for the shift. i've been discovering lately that even though i'm an extrovert i'm kind of an introverted extrovert, meaning that i still need time to myself. even though i'm rejuvenated by hanging out with people most of the time, i'm only fully rejuvenated once i get a little bit of time on my own to process as well. i'm just weird.

but i've also decided that i'm okay with that. namely because i haven't met a single person who isn't weird. i think the idea of "normal" is kind of twisted really. no one is actually normal. and if someone comes across as normal most of the time, let's face it, that person is kind of boring. and who really wants to be boring? or to hang out with boring for that matter...?

there is much more i would like to say, but i'm completely exhausted so i'm off to bed.

hope you have a wonderful


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