why i'll always remember mr. brower

eight years ago today, during my senior year of high school, i was sitting in mr. brower's intro to calculus class. rumors had started circulating that something terrible had happened, but no one knew exactly what was going on. as we quietly took our seats he announced to us that planes had flown into the twin towers in nyc.

my guess is that most people - if they were over the age of 2 or 3 eight years ago - could tell you exactly where they were when they heard the news. it was one of those things that carries so much weight - it was a defining moment. those acts of terrorism, for better or worse, have shaped our policies, our lives, and our worldview, ever since.

may we take today to remember those lives that were lost, those acts of heroism enacted, and may we never lose sight of the values set up for us by our founding fathers. may we strengthen each other, and stand up next to each other as members of one nation, under God.

we will NEVER forget


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