good ending to a crazy day

today was more than a little crazy. everything was up in the air for 3/4 of it and i was worried i may not even make it through in one piece.

turns out the way something ends can overshadow the rest of it. and tonight ended well.

scrambling encompassed the majority of my day. i literally felt like eggs shooting all over the pan, except the pan was life.

then we hosted a dinner party of sorts. not a cocktail party with dresses and hors d'ouevre platters and, ahem, cocktails, but more of a dinner gathering of our soccer team because we had a bye this week. granted, 3 or 4 of them decided to back out at the last minute so we had an overabundance of food, but we had a good time anyway.

i can now drift to sleep feeling like i added something positive to the world today.

feeding people chicken stuffed shells
will do that for you.


  1. Chicken stuffed shells?? Your sis-in-law's sis-in-law's recipe?! Haha...yum! Wish I was there to eat the leftovers. They are soo good the next day too!

    -anonymous in pgh. white oak, specifically!

  2. yep, my sis-in-law's sis-in-law's recipe. they found new fans in a new part of the country!

    and if the leftovers shipped well i'd send you a few! maybe we can make them together next time i visit.

    deeelish :o)

  3. yes, we will do that!! are you coming up the first weekend in Nov. for the shower?!

  4. yep I am! we're trying to figure out if we're both coming or just me. I'll let you know.


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