story of today

wake up to my cell phone alarm at 7 a.m.
successfully hit snooze until 7:37.
up and at 'em, walking bexley by 8:05.
out the door with coffee and breakfast by 9:53.
9:55 arrive at the office
staff meeting at 10 a.m.
from 11:15 through 1:07, work on various little projects
1:10 meeting
leave to run home 2:12
change and head over to coach the cross country meet at 2:20
2:35 pile in the van
4:15 xc meet
return from meet at 6:17
run to store for dog food
7:40 stop at work to send emails
arrive home to a half awake husband at 8:15
put away stuff from the store and start on dinner
8:45 eat dinner with peter
clean up around 9:30
read through blogs and emails
proofread for peter

which brings us to now...
the only things left are a little workout and a quick shower before sinking into bed

and waking up for more of the same


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