wholly depleted

i'm tired - very tired. exhausted, depleted, worn out. i'm sick with what i think is a cold, but it is taking more out of me than i thought possible this early in the game.

i slept for almost 11 hours last night, and i still felt as though i couldn't get my feet under me all day. however, despite the small percentage of the day that i was actually awake for today it was a good day. and even though i'm still exhausted (and ready for bed) it was a good day.

i got my hair cut today. i had been thinking about it for a week and a half or so, and decided to chop it off. again.

i'll post pictures tomorrow once i get a chance to actually take pictures.

this afternoon and evening i got to work out, make and enjoy a good dinner with my husband and then spent some time watching the series premiere of grey's anatomy.

currently, i'm watching nightline while waiting for my newly painted toenails to dry. tonight the headline is: "born to cheat?" - it is a very interesting discussion with four different people from various viewpoints (and a 3000+ people audience) about whether or not we are born to cheat, which also begs the question, are we born to be monogamous? they were basically asking (and did once or twice) "does the 7th commandment matter?"

for once i actually give nightline props for what they showed. i don't know what happened in the entire 90 minute debate since they didn't show the entire thing, but i certainly didn't hear what i expected when i tuned in.

apparently they are going through a "ten commandments" spurt because i just heard that tomorrow night they are going to be looking at chick-fil-a and how they've managed to "keep the Sabbath holy."

i wonder where they'll come down on that one...

for now i'm off to bed, tomorrow promises cookie baking, a run and prepping for next week's middle school youth group.

welcome to the weekend!


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