persistence is key

shoes off.
feet up.
jacky j in the background.
dark chocolate covered pretzels.
desk lamp on.
fragrant candle lit.

it's a good night to write.

i've been thinking a lot this week about changes, eventual changes. what kind of changes i want, what kind i may get. i've been thinking through a lot, but unfortunately i haven't been able to devote myself full-time to thinking through these things. they've just been on the back burner for a while, and this week they started steaming enough that i started paying them a little bit of attention.

here's the thing though, in so much of life, it's all about persistence. going on, not giving up, despite the circumstances, pushing through and pushing on. in order to accomplish just about anything at all you have to want it. you have to do what it takes. sometimes it's worth it, sometimes it's not. but accomplishing anything of real worth and value takes work. takes sacrifice. takes commitment.

i'm five weeks away from my half-marathon, and i have a ten mile run to do tomorrow. i'm kind of nervous because i haven't done as much as i should have this week due to my impending sickness and everything that comes with it. however, the plan is to run 10 miles tomorrow. even if it's a little slower. because it's worth it to get back on track. it's worth it to persist.

in order to get into a consistent schedule - we're getting there, but it's taking longer than i'd like - it takes persistence. in order to read or write consistently it takes persistence.

right now i need to persist. to persist through those things that are trying to hold me back. i need to set my priorities and stick to them.

anyway, here's the new 'do:

cheers to a weekend of priorities
and persistence.


  1. love all the pictures but especially the last!! you look so cool, hip and modern! my frumpy looking self is a bit jealous right now!! :)



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