525,600 minutes

"how do you measure a year in the life?"

[have you ever seen rent?]

this weekend i have been thinking a lot about seasons. this is not just because i want the weather to turn to fall, and kids to go back to school, and to stop needing to shave my legs every other day. sure, i love snuggling in under blankets in the evenings with a piping hot mug of apple cider. i love those fleeting weeks when we can crack open the windows without the heat, or the a/c. but those things are just happy by products.

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i like seasons because they bring change. by the end of summer i'm so very sick of it. sick of the hot, sticky, nasty, sweaty....you get the idea. but the cool nights of fall bring a welcome change. the changing of the seasons reminds me of God's character. he could have created a world that does not have seasons. one that doesn't remind us every single year of the cycle of life, but he didn't. and while it would still be good, i would take it for granted so much more than i do now.

which basically means, i would fail to give thanks for anything. how much more do i appreciate a tree when it's blooming in the spring, green in the summer, red in the fall, and snow-covered in the winter? and as someone who loves clothes, and shoes [we cannot forget the shoes...] i love changing from one season to the next. from breezy tanks, shorts, and lots of easy dresses, with sandals, and espadrilles to layers, and sweaters, and wool pants, with tights, and pumps, and boots. from a bikini and rainbows to jeans, jackets, and scarves.

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as much as i enjoy the seasonal changes i have also been contemplating the life changes going on around me. kids are moving from preschool to kindergarten, from elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, high school to college, college to real life. some of the students i had as high schoolers are even starting to get engaged, and plan their weddings, and thus the rest of their lives.

it's so strange. strange to think about the different chapters of life, and how each one of them, without exception, sneaks up on you. or at least, they have successfully sneaked up on me.

at every point i have thought something to the effect of -- i have no idea what i'm doing, and/or i don't feel old enough for this.

i cannot believe my 10 year high school reunion is this school year. i cannot believe peter and i got married five years ago [well, almost - what's a week and a half?]. i thought i would have so much more figured out by the time i got to this point in my life.

in a way it's funny because every day i feel as if i have less figured out, not more. and i have a feeling that will only continue as i get older. and in a weird way as i understand less, i appreciate more.

"five hundred twenty five thousand
six hundred minutes
five hundred twenty five thousand
moments so dear.
five hundred twenty five thousand
six hundred minutes
how do you measure,
measure a year?"


  1. This is not what I needed to read a few days before sending Ally off to Kindergarten. I'm a sentimental, emotional mess right now!


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