pieces of my day

yesterday sort of got away from me. today i looked at the clock and thought "dang it. i forgot to blog earlier." well, i do not have much to report, but i thought i'd share a few pieces of my day with you anyway.

i know, i know, try not to fall off the edge of your seat. *wink*

today is my last day with the nice camera, so i figured i would take full advantage of it. [although i will say that self-portraits are still more than i can handle, so those were taken w photo booth...]

got my haircut today

finally back to a bob!
new ring came in the mail yesterday

love it!


double double

i re-learned how to knit today.
i always take too long in between projects...

target pulls through again

with black platform pumps

ikat print skirt

black leather cuff

oh, and grilled shish kabobs for dinner

because naturally you dress a little rocker-ish to get your haircut, and you man the grill in 4 inch suede platform pumps.


hope you had
a fantastic day!


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