winding down

it's late august and summer winds down. students down here have, at most, two days left before the buses start coming through neighborhoods, bells start ringing, and books are lugged home and back again.

fall sports started up weeks ago, and finally, finally!, the weather has started [ever-so-slightly] to realize that we've almost made it to september. this morning it was below 70℉ at a respectable time of morning for the first time in i don't know how long.

i left the screen door open when sending bexley outside and relished the cool air streaming into the house. immediately my mind got wrapped up in all things fall.

this afternoon i caught up with one of my former students, who is now engaged and planning her wedding. it had been a while since we had a chance to talk, so it was good to hear about everything going on in her life.

outside of that there wasn't a whole lot happening today. i started working on a mini craft project this evening before dinner, but got frustrated with the progress, and had to take a break to make dinner so you'll just have to wait until later for the photos. i'm hoping they turn out well, but we shall see. sometimes paint doesn't quite behave itself. [and that's the only hint you're getting...]

it seems like summer winding down is closing a chapter somehow, but i'm not sure why. our boston trip will kick off many trips from now until the end of the year - one for our anniversary, one for work/to see family, one for a wedding, and a few over the holidays. we will not be at home for every weekend of any month until january or february. it's pretty crazy when you think about it like that.

anyway, as summer comes to an end it also means that steelers season begins. i saw this you tube video on facebook today. it got me super excited for this season. [be warned, the song used is not the "radio edit" version. and in case you were wondering, i have a lot of favorite parts, but the first of them comes around 1:14.]



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