toast café & tolstoy

these two things made up my day yesterday along with a little bit of soccer thrown in for good measure.

toast café is a fantastic little place up in davidson, and i got to have brunch there with one of my favorite girls yesterday. we had a lot of catching up to do, and good food only added to the conversation.


when i got home i cracked open a book as a way to procrastinate and not do a few of the boring things that i should have done. having recently finished dickens' pickwick papers i opted for tolstoy this time, and started anna karenina, which has been patiently waiting on my bookshelf for a while now.

i hesitated to start this book because i am not a fan of dostoyevsky's crime and punishment, and he is the only other russian author whom i have read. however, i have hardly been able to put anna karenina down. in truth i have already completed part one even though i only started it yesterday afternoon.

the dichotomy of the underlying themes, which are already making themselves known, have drawn me in and will not let me go. this may be the fastest 940 pages i ever read in my life! we shall see.

and now i must go attend to all the things i procrastinated on yesterday...

happy wednesday!


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