this friday morning

i spent this friday morning journaling, breakfasting, and catching up on project runway. i also threw in some reading for good measure. 

yesterday i packed everything into the end of the day. i did not accomplish much in the morning, but had a jam-packed evening. so much so, that i wasn't quite ready to go to sleep last night, and ended up staying up too late. c'est la vie.

[it may have also had a little bit to do with the fact that i had 2 cups of coffee after 4pm. maybe. i'm not quite sure...]

anyway, last night took us to the home of some friends for dinner. it was great to hang out with them and with their kiddos. they live in concord, and after dinner we took a lovely walk into downtown concord, and stopped at the cabarrus creamery for dessert. 


i opted for the pear sorbet, and it was delicious. delicious!

i ate mine too fast to take a picture, but a good representation!

their house is fabulous, and as we drove home peter and i talked about houses, and decor, and i thought of different projects i've been wanting to do.

we've been talking a lot about houses, and ideal this-and-that for the last few weeks. we're not looking to move yet, and probably won't be for a while, but it's still nice to dream. to catalogue those things i would do if we had _______.

i'm not one to turn down inspiration, so i may have to start on a few projects soon. oh, and speaking of projects...

this is the finished product of the project i was working on earlier in the week:

i found the idea on pinterest. i do have before pictures somewhere, but forgot to upload them. anyway, you start with clear, glass vases, and use acrylic paint. paint the inside, let them dry overnight, and you have a lovely, cohesive display! the green one turned out a little darker than i would have liked, but overall i was happy with the finished product.

and the best part? the total cost for this project, since i already had acrylic paint, was about $2.65.

and with that --
happy, happy friday!


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