this monday morn... er, afternoon

well, i missed friday without quite thinking about it. i felt a little off all last week, and the feeling has not entirely gone away. but it's time to move on and do something regardless of that.

so, in lieu of "this friday morning" here's my monday stream of consciousness for you...

  • fashion is a tease
  • all of the magazines have fall clothes in them now
  • but it's still 100℉ in charlotte
  • it's okay though
  • i already bought my first pair of boots for the season
  • and in all likelihood my only pair
  • [okay, peter? my only pair this season...]
  • i'm also itching to wear my new red skinnies from urban outfitters
  • i got those this past weekend on tax-free weekend here in nc
  • sadly, tax-free weekend irks me
  • it makes me think of the lack of clothing taxes in pa
  • and makes me want to move home
  • local natives = my soundtrack for the day
  • i had coconut sorbet for lunch today
  • clearly, i need to go to the grocery store
  • we're heading to the beach this weekend
  • i'm quite excited to see, and catch up with, two of my cousins, their families, and my uncle
  • we watched the fighter last night
  • it was good
  • and if you don't mind f-bombs, i recommend it
  • christian bale deserved his oscar, in my humble opinion
  • of course i'm kind of a fan of his anyway
  • so i may be a tad biased
  • t minus 4 days til the steelers preseason opener
  • enough non-sequiturs for you?

how's your monday?


  1. Oh, do I have a story for you!


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