good evening. how has life treated you today? i have been up, down, and all around. i spent hours with a few other ladies discussing "the shack" during our final book club meeting for the summer, and still more hours in front of my computer, curating the future. for most of the day i listened to canon blue's new album on repeat. [you should check it out:]

now bexley and i are watching the sun sink a little lower, as we're serenaded by the musical stylings of eddie vedder. i'm also, quite unexpectedly, trying to figure out what i should do with my now wide open night.

peter called a little bit ago to tell me that he will be very late tonight. like, possibly middle of the night late. so, my dilemma is this: do i still make the homemade mac & cheese with bacon {via the book of one clinton kelly} alongside green beans for dinner like i planned? or do i whip up something different, something less, since i'm feeding no one but me?

decisions, decisions...

despite a few bumps in the road, i enjoyed today. unfortunately, i didn't get a in a workout due to the pain in my "good" ankle from our soccer game last night, but thankfully it is starting to feel a little better now.

i'm counting the small blessings today:

  • the lower low temps overnight which make for much nicer mornings
  • the time for discussion and understanding of new ideas and perspectives
  • the enjoyment i get from finally being able to braid my hair again

  • taking the time each day to read & write
  • the piles of books we have on our shelves
  • the peace i find from routine and structure
  • gifts brought to me from abroad [thanks kelly!]

  • a messy kitchen due to good use
  • altering dreams instead of killing them
  • a little jewelmint sparkle

  • abundance
  • hope
  • baby steps

we'll make it one day


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