enjoying the present

i can't believe it's already friday. this week has flown by - just like the past couple months. and there is so much that could [maybe should?] overwhelm me right now. there is much to think about it. so much in fact, that i'm trying not to get lost in thought. i have a lot to organize, reorganize, and take care of.

yet, i'm okay.

yesterday i finally had the chance to go to a yoga class i'd been wanting to catch for quite some time, but other things kept interfering. i'm hoping to make it part of my normal thursday morning routine from here on out though.

anyway, one of the things that sandy [our instructor] kept repeating yesterday was to enjoy the present. to focus on what is right in front of your face, focus on where you're at right now. and it made me realize how long it had been since i really did that. far too often i'm either looking forward to plan, or looking backwards to reminisce or wonder. far less often do i take the time to observe what is around me right now. what my blessings are today. the beauty that surrounds me. far less often i stop, look around, and thank God for what he has done, what he has given, how he has blessed.

as i type this i have itunes on shuffle, and fittingly matt wertz's "everything's right" just popped up. [if you've never heard the song, here's the video:]

despite all of the future unknowns it has been a good week. and today, i'm seeing that for what it is -- a blessing.

after yoga yesterday i spent some time with peter's mom and grandma doing alcohol ink art projects. they were so much fun. the best part about them [in my humble non-artist opinion] is that you can't really make a mistake. even if it turns out differently from what you thought you can wipe it off and start over, or just keep layering and building.

here are my finished creations from yesterday:

once again, it was a good reminder to be in the moment, experiment, express, create.

i have much to do this afternoon, but for once i'm not terribly worried about it. i'm sure i won't finish everything on my list, but it's okay. being productive is important in one sense, but it's certainly not the MOST important thing.

i like this perspective. it's fantastically refreshing.

hope you have a fabulous
and rejuvenating weekend!


  1. Fun paintings!!! I'd love to try sometime ;-) I'm so happy that you're feeling refreshed and rejuvenated....thank you for this wonderful reminder to be in the present and appreciating everything the lord has for us right now. Love you!!! -amanda


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