time is slipping away

i can't believe how fast today has gone, let alone the past couple of weeks. we did succeed in finishing the guest bedroom, and i've busied myself with a great many small things as well.

here are some pics of the guest bedroom. my dad and stepmom will be breaking it in this weekend!

first, the before pics - which are from way before. we had changed up a couple things since these pictures were taken, but the basics were still the same...

then come the "in process" pics:

and here's the "ready freddy" finished product:

there are still a couple little things we may change in the future, but for now, it's lookin' good! the headboards are my absolute favorite part of this room. love, love, LOVE!

currently i should be working on some stuff for the book club i'm hosting in the morning, but i wanted to take a minute and write. far too often i push back on the desire to sit down and write because i feel as if my musings don't really matter. it's not really that "productive". and yet, so much of the time it is how i express myself. it's why i own no less than 3 journals -- one for home, one smaller one that i got for traveling, and one that was a gift. oh, and the one i bought for my "next" journal.

ever so slowly i feel like i'm moving forward with my life. i've been stuck for a while, and a part of me still needs to figure things out. to understand. to heal. i still have so many questions.

i thought by now i'd have more answers than questions, [oh the naivetĂ©...]  but the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.

currently i'm realizing how much i don't know about starting a business. there are certainly plenty of days and times where i decide that freaking out is an excellent idea - what can i possibly be getting myself into? and then i come back to the quotes with which i surround myself.

"neglect not the gift within you"

"everyone fails, and if you do fail, who cares? 
you've got a good story then, right? you've learned something."

"fear, worry & doubt be damned. take action!"

"sometimes God uses an ordinary life in extraordinary ways."

i don't yet know what this path holds. i don't know where i'm going, or what all it's going to take, or how i'm going to get there. i do know that this is where i'm supposed to be. and right now, that's all i get.

the world is spinning faster and faster, and i'm getting less and less done. so many things, so many people, require attention. i have to figure it all out. and time slips away. 

it's times like these when i have to remember - 

God is God, and i am not.

and we can all thank God for that!


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