four things

i'm pretty exhausted right now. today was an abnormally long day which was comprised of four fun things, and a few necessities.

1. this morning i hosted my first of three book club meetings for the summer - we're going through "the shack". it was great to get others' opinions about the book, about faith, about God. to gain an understanding of their backgrounds and perspectives, and to gain a better understanding of different aspects of God's character in the process.

i'm excited to see what the next two meetings bring.

i also spent a good chunk of the day cleaning, reading, getting the car inspected, and doing my own version of personal training, ie: making a training schedule for one of the youth group guys.

2. BUT the ups guy interrupted my reading with the delivery of my new shoes!!

love, love, LOVE

3. i spent a while on the phone with my best friend, catching up. it had been far too long since we talked - for which i must take full responsibility.

4. i made vegetable risotto with goat cheese for dinner. it didn't quite trump the spring risotto i love so much, but it's officially a close second. 


and now i must
take my exhausted self
off to bed...


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