projects: office and guest bedroom

slowly, slowly i am moving through all of my different rooms and projects, and checking them off the list.


the office is nearly done. we just need to switch around a few things, and paint the walls - which we've decided is lower than other rooms on the painting priority list. 

here's the difference between what the office looked like about 2 weeks ago, and what it looks like today:



i'm calling it "our office 2.0". walking into it no longer stresses me out, which is a definite plus.

we've now moved on to the guest bedroom. we have everything to morph it from what it was into what it will be -- the beds, the sheets, the comforters, the headboards, the bedside table, the fabric for the bed "skirt", the paint -- now it's just a matter of execution.

it's time to paint, and put it all together. i'll be sure to share before and after pics of that too. it's a bit much to do in the less than 2 weeks before we have company, but i'm a bit stubborn about things when i want to do them.

anyway, here's a sneak peek of what will be finished pieces of our guest bedroom. [try to contain your excitement...]

sneak peek #1

sneak peek #2
i'm uber-excited about this room. it has so much of me in it - i just hope it turns out how i'm picturing it in my head.

we'll see soon enough i suppose! i'm actually hoping to have it all done by the end of this week, but i have a feeling that's some wishful thinking on my part. [i'm also wondering if i shouldn't bet peter on how many more trips we'll have to make to lowe's before the project comes to an end.]

tomorrow is stacking up to be rather jam-packed. the current plan is a run, followed by a yoga class, followed by a giant mug of coffee, and a whole lot of painting.

we'll see if my stubbornness sticks around after i've been doing nothing but painting for hours and hours...

what kinds of projects
are you tackling
this week?


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