this friday morning

what a crazy couple of weeks. the guest bedroom is almost complete [for now]. we just need to put the headboards up, and clean out the mess of a closet.

this friday morning i'm reflecting on the past two weeks, and thinking about what's to come. melody gardot's voice fills the background, a summer-y scent of vanilla coconut wafts through the air, and i slowly sip my morning cup of coffee.


i'm trying to relax a bit without transitioning into full-on lazy. today i'm going to take time to read, to prepare for the upcoming book study i'm hosting -- we're reading "the shack", finish up some laundry, perhaps vacuum, and take care of some other domestic things...


[side note:  have you read the shack? i've read it before
and it really makes you think. i'm sure we'll 
have some excellent discussions in the weeks ahead.]

...this afternoon i'm "working" as a personal shopper for one of my girls who is now in college. today also happens to be her birthday so her mom is coming shopping with us, and then we're all going out to dinner to celebrate.

to get ready for today i practiced my shopping skills last night. granted, that was online shopping, but still. i had to get it out of my system so today would be all about shopping for alex -- not for me.

i digress.

i've been wanting these ever since i saw them in june's marie claire, and i finally ordered them last night [at half off their original price i might add]. i'm hoping and praying they fit. i've found that aldo's shoes have a range, so we shall see when they get here at the beginning of next week.


gorgeous, right??

yep, i thought you'd agree.

the rest of the weekend promises lots of goodness too. i'm hoping to take a trip to the farmer's market in the morning, followed by an afternoon of hiking at a state park.

sunday will be spent relaxing, and potentially watching the newest [which is really the oldest, kind of...] x-men movie. it's at 87% on rotten tomatoes, so hopefully it won't disappoint.

happy friday!


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