greenville: arts district

greenville is one of about three places in the south to which i would actually consider moving. i'm so sorry i didn't get to tell you about my day trip on the day of the trip. by the time i made it home last night we were off to something else, and time slipped away [as it tends to do].

anyway, the drive wasn't too bad, and the time i spent hanging out, having lunch, and chatting with barb was so fantastic. i feel like i'm moving forward from a place of "maybe this whole business thing will happen. maybe." to "i really want to do this. let's get it done."

it helps of course, that i've been supported and encouraged by everyone i've talked to about it. talking with barb helped me so much. i feel like after meeting with her i have a much better idea of everything that needs to happen to put feet to this venture.

before i felt like i was flailing and floundering in the middle of the sea - i had no idea where to start, or what to grab on to. now i have places to start. i have my "step one" [and two, and three, and four] of this "one step at a time" journey.

here are a few photos from my trip:

on the road: getting close

on the road: almost there

on the road: getting on 385

on the road: a couple miles before 385 dies as it comes in to greenville

city of greenville: there are so many fun things to do

pendleton arts district: pulling up to knack

barb and me

the fantastic planter piece in front of barb's studio is so fun, and incredibly inspiring. what you cannot see from the front is that there is a quote painted on the back. a quote that is forever cemented into my brain after our time yesterday:

"neglect not the gift that is within you"

we all have different gifts, and we were given them by our creator in order to use them for his glory. i have been given gifts, and talents, and passions. and it's my responsibility to use them well. 

i need to stop looking at myself as a vase - and stop trying to be a vase - when i was created to be a mug. 

as i drove back from greenville i had a strange feeling of both calm, and excitement. i was very content, and at peace with both where i am right now, and where i'm going.

things don't always make sense, but God is in control. little by little he's showing me what the next step is. and little by little i'm becoming okay with only knowing one step at a time. [little by infinitesimally little]

some things in our life lately have been confusing, frustrating, disappointing, and all-around tough to take. and in moments like these i cannot hold on to anything but faith. i cannot hold on to anything except the truth. matthew 10:29 says not even a sparrow falls to the ground outside of the Lord's hand. matthew 10 goes on to say that the hairs on our heads are numbered, and we are worth far more than sparrows. 

all that to say that right now i am still trusting that God is in control; that i'm where i'm supposed to be - even if it's not where i would have pictured myself at any point leading up to now. i'm at a place where i will no longer neglect the gifts i've been given. 

neglect not the gift that is within YOU.


  1. Can I work for you after college? ;)


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