random wednesday: the importance of accessories

lately i've heard the praises of accessories touted by a number of different sources. and the more i think about it, the more i agree with this sentiment.

i love clothes, but the accessories make all the difference. it's pretty easy to put together a few pieces that "go," but making it into a real outfit?? that's where the accessories come in.

much to the chagrin of my husband, i adore accessories. shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry - even sunglasses. i collect it all.

if i could only buy one type of clothing for the rest of my life
i'd choose shoes. no question.

i love the idea of starting an outfit from the shoes up. or starting with a ring and building an outfit around it. for instance, today's outfit was built completely around the shoes that arrived yesterday. this ring was one of the finishing touches:

the accessories, the "how" of putting the outfit together is an expression of who you are. for most people, most things they wear are available in large parts of the country - in national retail stores. hundreds, if not thousands of people can be walking around with the same clothes all the time, and yet we each have the ability to make these things our own. deciding what to wear hands us the opportunity to be creative day in, and day out.

each day i look at the walking canvas that i've been given, and decide what i want to portray to the world.

i know there are plenty of people out there [and you may be one of them] who think fashion is a joke, and it's not worth paying attention to it. i happen to disagree with you.

there are very few people who don't like to look good - who don't feel more confident about who they are when they do. it's just a matter of learning how to dress, and how to express yourself in what you wear. accessories help make it yours.

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